Welcome to the world of WM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. As a forward thinking organisation, WM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS has entrenched itself in a growing diverse market. Our aim and focus is to stay abreast of modern technology and to bring this technology to our clients. The technical perfection of our products combined with preliminary consultation and finally on-site after sales support guarantees you the problem free, productive operation of our equipment. Thanks to this range of services we are able to offer you the best possible solutions.

It is vital that your cctv solution provider provider has an understanding of the different facets of cctv solutions; we are able to advise you on the best solution for your organisation while understanding your requirements and budgets. WM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS can offer you comprehensive information and installations from a basic CCTV system to secure the smallest of homes, hi-tech CCTV Systems to sophisticated Biometric systems which can be integrated into your payroll system and manage the movements of anyone entering your premises.

We are a specialist operation, staffed and trained to meet these demands for the ultimate benefit of our customers. From our advanced understanding of application to our project management style and our customized innovative financial packaging options which include outright purchase and ” rental” plans, WM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS are at your disposal.



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