Payment Options 

WM Digital Solutions has several payment options, such as rental, rental with option to purchase and outright purchase. Contracts range from 36 months to 60 months depending on client requirements.

As indicated, rental with option to purchase involves paying a nominal fee at the end of the contract period, in order to transfer ownership of the equipment. This is an optional alternative and need not be taken, which allows you to either carry on renting or return the equipment should you not wish to exercise your right to purchase.

Benefits of equipment Rental

  1. No deposit is required.
  2. Flexible financial options to suit your budget
  3. No capital outlay is required.
  4. Delivery and installation is included.
  5. Maintenance and service is included for the full period of the contract. SLA in included.
  6. Flexibility to upgrade existing equipment at the end of the rental contract to meet your changing needs.
  7. Integrated CCTV solution providers with 10 years’ experience in many industry sectors.
  8. The speed with which technology progresses is astounding – What companies find these days is the hardware is often very far behind the industry norms by the end of the rental. The rental model which we present allows you as a company to “refresh” your technology at the end of the period, often at a cheaper rate.
  9. The true advantage of this is that it gives you options. You can rent the equipment for the period and make one of the following choices:
  10. Resign rental agreement at a discounted rate, retaining existing technology/equipment, thereby ensuring peace of mind because service and maintenance will continue to apply
  11. Upgrade equipment/technology, this ensures that you stay abreast with the latest industry trends (Technology Refresh)
  12. Purchase equipment by exercising Option to Purchase, thereby acquiring ownership of the equipment at a nominal fee pre-determined at inception of the agreement
  13. Transfer the old equipment to another (regional) branch and replace equipment with newer versions