Virtual sensors (cameras, infrared cameras, thermal imagers) are placed on towers ranging from 20m to 70m. They have reliable zoom characteristics and are controlled via the Internet (rotation, zoom, videotape recording, etc.). At any place (convenient for the customer) a control center is established (high-speed Internet connection is the only requirement). In the control center there needs to be an operator, who takes out observations with the help of the sensors and special software. One operator can control approximately 10 sensors. In addition the system can distribute workload among video operators — this measure increases fire detection or detection of smoke clouds in general.

The concept of the system is based on the idea of client-server application usage which service a network of remotely controlled sensors connected to the server and control center with different communication channels.

The software controls the entire system, it helps to detects forest fires and determine fire coordinates automatically. Information from the sensors is transmitted to the operator at the station or is server pre-processed.