So What Now?



So what now?



As South Africans, we are deeply saddened by what has happened in our country over the past few weeks. Small, medium and large businesses were looted, destroyed, and as a result are unable to function as a result of the violence that ran through our streets, meaning a loss of income for shop owners and their employees. On top of a rapid, severe third wave ofCOVID-19 infections, for many there is a loss of hope.

The unfortunate truth about the situation we find ourselves in is that our people have been left desolate and desperate for survival and it is going to take a lot of intervention and much time to get things to where they need to be. This obviously means that crime levels are expected to be at an all-time high over the next few years with citizens feeling stranded, frustrated, and left fighting for survival at just about any expense.

While we may be used to facing harsh living conditions in SA, this is not strictly a South African problem, it is a global issue with many countries dealing with similar outcomes. In fact, theorists believe that the world is set to be in a negative state for the next 7 years(until 2028) before we start to see things coming “back to normal”.

With this in mind, it is more important now than ever before to make sure you have the right tools in place to secure your environments.

While looting is a serious problem in our country during this time, general crime is still targeted at retail and commercial spaces, therefore it is important for businesses to implement suitable and adequate perimeter protection to deter criminals from entering your building.

Maximizing Your Current Security Systems



WM digital offers Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)technology that offers 24-hour monitoring for your car park providing you with information on exactly who has entered your premises, as well as the time they enter and exit.

With the use of high-speed image capture, this technology identifies vehicle number plates as they pass via infra-red cameras. The number plates are then cross-referenced against a large database where inconsistencies, information and usage are monitored. Businesses that enforce this technology can closely monitor the traffic and keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.

Vehicle theft is a big concern for malls, office parks, and households in South Africa.

“There were an estimated 88 000 incidences of theft of motor vehicles in 2019/20, affecting 0,5% of South African households. About 79% of households that experienced theft of motor vehicles reported the crime to the police, which is7,6% decrease compared to the previous year. Incidencespeaked in January, April, September, and November. In terms of provinces, Gauteng (45 000) recorded the highest number of households that experienced car theft, followed by WesternCape (11 000) and Eastern Cape (8 000). Limpopo and northern Cape both at 1 000) had the least number of households that experienced car theft.”

Using your first line of defense before a potential intruder can get onto your premises will greatly reduce your risk

Another huge concern is the number of hijacked vehicles across our provinces.

“An estimated 99 000 hijackings occurred in 2019/20, affecting 85 000 (or 0,2%) persons aged 16 years and older. A total of 78%of the victims reported the crime to the police, which is a 7% decrease compared to the previous year.”

There are a number of different scenarios that these cameras would be useful for such as identifying drug dealers, repeat criminals, and hijackers, with police reports being updated daily and linked to our ANPR cameras, a business can restrict the number of criminals entering the premises.

Human trafficking is another harsh reality South Africans face, while many incidents are not reported due to fear of retaliation, it is still a huge concern. These cameras can help track vehicles in and out of premises, which may serve useful when conducting searches for missing persons.

Syndicates linked to cash in transit vehicles and mall syndicates have been on the rise in the past few years around our country. ANPR can assist in tracking vehicles that may be linked to these incidents. According to a Business Tech article, “cash in transit robberies increased 107.7% which is 14 cases higher than previously; while truck jacking increased 52.1%, which is 85cases higher than previous years” between July and September of 2020.

With these statistics in mind, we can see the importance of ANPR technology in any business. As mentioned in the above sources, many of these crimes are reported to the police, which adds the vehicles on ANPR database, meaning if these vehicles try entering your premise, the ANPR technology will flag the vehicle and prevent access to the building or center and the necessary precautions or actions can be implemented accordingly.
This incredible and popular technology has a number of security advantages for any business, such as:

1)Added security
·ANPR technology acts as a deterrent for criminal activity as the knowledge of one’s number plate being recorded, monitored, and checked can stop or limit criminal activity.
·It can also assist in an open workspace environment where certain vehicles have been banned from the premises. If that particular vehicle tries to return, the technology will recognize the number plate and not permit access.
2)Automated service
·ANPR technology offers an effective and cost-effective way to monitor parking for many businesses, office parks, shopping malls, estates, and communities.
3)Real-time benefits
·With the technology being able to instantaneously provide information on a vehicle, you can receive real-time information on any suspicious activity.

WM Digital ANPR cameras work powerfully and effectively when placed strategically in and around a building. By using our cameras and surveillance systems, it does not require users or businesses to buy any special equipment. The cameras can be used alongside entrance management systems and provides them with detailed instructions and processes to follow when a suspicious number plate is recognized. Our cameras can be viewed on any hand-held device for effective, fast reporting.